Alain Sanon - HTN News Anchor

Alain Sanon - HTN News Anchor

Alain Sanon is the Host of Coup D'oeil and a News Anchor at HTN, The Haitian Television Network in Miami Florida

Pictures taken at the movie Premiere of Haitian Movie Profond Regrets staring Fabienne Colas, Nice simon, and Mora Etienne Jr.

For more info about Profonds Regrets Visit

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Charles Garcia says...

Do your job and don't let Obama bankrupt this country.

Check the news story on Atlanta Television.

Why are we sending money to the far east for Mosque

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Mireille Jean says...

i miss this guy so much. where is he now?

can someone help me find him. such a

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Fritz says...

Ayisyen toujou ap fe tenten.

yo kraze televizyon an.
Yo kite on neg kons ale.
Alain nou pa kapab bliye ou pou sa ou fe pou kominote-a nan zafe bay nouvel.

si gen yon bon Bagay nana miyami kounye a li rele Alain Sanon period.

Bon bagay .keep on the good work

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Farah Miller says...

He is so cute and he's one of the most intelligent Anchor.

truly the guy knows how to talk. I missed him so

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Rita says...

I heard that Alain Sanon no longer works for HTN. I would love to know what

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