Arrest Jean-Claude Duvalier in Handcuffs

Arrest Jean-Claude Duvalier in Handcuffs

Many people are calling for the arrest of ex-President Jean Claude Duvalier.

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Fezire Perstige says...

why did duvallier got arrested, ,, and why not him been the president of haiti once

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Lyonel Sterling says...

President Aristede has said of President Prevail that he is an Imbecile.

Arresting him will be a very big mistake.

For him, Haiti, and the people.

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Cluade says...

A place where you can read news, chat, watch movies, listen to radio and

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Michele Montas says...

that`s a lie.he needs

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Bob Dunn says...

keep the cuffs on em and do not let em get away this time. let justice have its justice.

He is GUILTY until proven

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Marg says...

Wat prison haitian people have to put him...da man is about 90yrs o old....he did not have to come 2

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