Brad Pitt and a little girl in Haiti

Brad Pitt and a little girl in Haiti

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt They traveled through the capital of Port-au-Prince as crowds cheered them along the way. "You hear so much just about the danger and the fear and then you come here and you meet just an amazing people... ", said Angelina Jolie, "Given just a little chance, and given a little help, this is going to be a great country." Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited a school supported by Yele Haiti, a charity founded by Haitian-born hip-hop musician Wyclef Jean, where they watched children dance and recite poetry. Wyclef Jean praised the actors for visiting during a time of insecurity. Excerpts from an article by Ben Fox for the Associated Press Photos taken from photo credit: Sara Jaye Weiss INF Photos Yéle Haiti is a movement established by mulitiple Grammy Award-winning hip hop musician Wyclef Jean to assist his native land of Haiti and make a difference through projects in education, health, environment and humanitarian assistance.

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Fritz Gerald Etienne says...

so iwant all the haitian think that they are responsible because
the country is our we suppose to bring some

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Ruth says...

I totally agree with Wyclef.

I wanted to go to Haiti just to vote but unfortunately because I am Canadian citizen I couldn't I think its

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Fred says...

We the Diaspora want to be part of Haiti.

We want the right to vote and hold political office.

It is a tragedy that over 6 million Haitian born people are not given the right to vote. These Haitians are educated in other countries and have the skills to help

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Lamothe James says...

we gotta give props to Wiclef, this man has done so many thing for this counrty and me specially i wanna thank him for everything he has done .bringing Angelina Jolie & Pitt in HAITI is a big

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Darline Thelusma says...

I am one in the Haitians people who really care about what i do listen, but what now i will make my faith in God because nothing imposible to God can do even when you beleive in him. I will like to say to all haitians people make hands together and faith in God to re-build our lovely Haiti.

like we said in our language ( an nou mete tet nou ansanm pou'n kapab rebati Haiti cheri nou an).

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Jorick says...

It's amazing to notice how strangers are so willing to go into one of the poorest countries in the world to help and do what they can to raise awarness, when most haitians dont even want to go back. Or if they do, it's for vacation purposes! We need to stop thinking that it's going to change overnight like magic and start doing something of our own...We are seriously kidding ourselves if we think that. Our country is not like it was before and the situation is more than critical! Awarness has to start in our own hearts, because no one can save us if not ourselves...Our ancestors got us our freedom without the help of anyone, right?

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Suzanne says...

This is a wonderful effort done by Wyclef, Brad and Angelina.

If they have hope of a bette country, we too must keep the hope. Jezu Sel Kap Sove Ayiti.

Lets put our faith in Jesus to help Haiti reach its full

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