Brasserie Nationale D'Haiti

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On December 24th, 1973, the Brasserie Nationale D'Haiti (Brana) was founded. This marked a continuing tradition of excellence in Haitian industry begun when Maison CF Madsen, the Madsen family's first business in Haiti, was founded in Jacmel in 1892. Brana proudly represents over 110 years of a perpetual business presence in Haiti, and is known as one of the most steadfast and longstanding institutions in Haiti's history.

Since 1973, Brana has been under license to manage the manufacture and distribution for Pepsico International, covering such brand names as Pepsi, 7up, and Teem.

In 1973, total domestic consumption of beer in Haiti was 30,000 cases. Almost all of that number was imported from Europe. Today, 98% of the over one and half million cases consumed each year is Prestige brand beer. This provides a healthy boost to the fragile Haitian economy, since Prestige is the only beer native to Haiti.

When Prestige was introduced in 1975, Brana employed 300 people. Today that number has grown to over 900 engineers, drivers, manufacturing technicians and others. While Pepsico provideds technical and logistical support, Brana is one of the largest completely Haitian owned companies in Haiti.

Brana is also proud to have developed a nationwide distribution system from the ground up. An extensive system of trucks is employed to efficiently provide a steady flow of product to every corner of the country.

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