Cap Haitien, Haiti

Cap Haitien, Haiti

Here are some pictures of the city of Cap Haitien. Cap Haitien is the second largest city in Haiti.

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Lynn Smtih says...


I am wondering if you are the fine artist who painted a wonderful painting dated 5.3.79 of a little village in

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N.duncan says...

I read your article and it was very nice but I think if you want to make any changes in
Haiti or Cap-Haitian you need to starts with the security in the town. Make drastic
changes with it laws enforcement specially with the Police Dept and maybe we

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William Gilles says...

I love it. I have an amazing project for the number I city in the caribbeans as well however there seem to be a small problem.

with the right connection, it will be conquer easily.

Here's where i can be contacted.

jeawill at

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La Capoise says...

Hello Gauthier,
I really support your idea. Creating a program in our town will be very beneficiary, especially to the future coming generation.

Best Wishes,

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Mr. Gauthier Saintilus says...

Oh Cap-Haitian! You are the favorite Town of my homeland.

What is hapeening to you today?

You are mistreated then ever. Now, it is time to stand up and work diligently for development.

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