Cap Haitien, Haiti

Cap Haitien, Haiti

Here are some pictures of the city of Cap Haitien. Cap Haitien is the second largest city in Haiti.

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Landy says...

Hey Girl, there is nothing to worry about I'm a Capoise and I will die as one. However, the place i grew to love doesn't exist anymore.

I went there on Christmas, how beautiful city, La Fierete Des gens Du Nord has been deteriorated.

Let them show the bad side and ugly picture hoping that one day our fellow brothers and sisters will wake up. Cap-Haitian is ugly and stink, take it from someone who love that city. Where ever I go, I always identify my self as a capoise the most beautiful city on the Island, because deep inside of me I kept the souvenir of Cap-Haitian before 1990. Pray, and keep on Hoping for better things to

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Lisa says...

I there better picture then that alot of time other nation talk bad about hatien they we so poor every where there, s in ugly place i know for fact haiti is not the worst please put better picture i'm sure there's beautiful hotel, beaches,movie theather, i'm so sure we are much better then what they that we are.We to represent every we go there's labady meaning paradise, please try to put better pic thank im a capoise for

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