Carmel S. Victor

Carmel S. Victor

Meet Carmel S. Victor:
Author, Poet, Songwriter, Motivator...

Carmel is an award-winning poet whose poetic achievements have earned her two poetry awards and the nomination for Best Poets of 2004 by and The International Library of Poetry. In January 2004, Carmel's acclaimed first novel Facing Our Skeletons was published and has been recommended by sources such as Parlé Publications as Women's Pick of the Month. Since the publication of Facing Our Skeletons, Carmel has been invited by various organizations to conduct workshops focusing on self- empowerment, where she ardently applies her motivational skills.

Carmel's creativity and her love of reading have been sparkling from as far as she can remember. At the age of 9, she won her first drawing contest. During her teen-age years, Carmel's poetic talents excelled as she utilized her poetry as a way of expressing herself. Her first publication was in 1987, when she created a compilation of thoughts based on her interview of all of her high school friends on the subject of love and relationships. By the time she graduated from high school with a Regents diploma, Carmel was proficient in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole. As a member of The International Society of Poets, her first published poem was in 1996 'Too Young' and is currently featured in the Anthology of poems 'Spirit of the Age' by the International Library of Poetry. Since then, Carmel has had several poems published in various poetry anthologies by the International Library of Poetry. In May and June of 2004, she was awarded the prestigious Editor's Choice Award by and the International Library of Poetry for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.

As an adolescent, Carmel completed modeling and acting school. She has worked on various modeling and acting projects, including walking the runway of 'The Penn-Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom' in New-York as a model, appearing in the T.V. series 'The Beat' and doing voice-overs for the New York City Department of Health. Her soon to publish works include a book of poetry/short stories, and a children's book dealing with the lost of a pet.

Carmel graduated from Brooklyn College on the Dean's list with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, winning the Charles Lawrence Sociology Award for 1997-98, and from the University of Phoenix with a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Health Care Management. When she's not working at her full time day job as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor specializing in Mental Health, Carmel conducts various workshops (focusing on self-empowerment) and book signing sessions around the country. Carmel currently resides in New Jersey.

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