Charlito Baker, Woodring Saint Preux

Charlito Baker, Woodring Saint Preux

Here is a photo, Charlito Baker, Woodring Saint Preux, nicked named Charlito, Charles Henry Baker is a Haitian business man and a 2005 Presidential Candidate in the Republic of Haiti.

Photo taken during a radio interview at Antenne88 WDNA 88.9 FM Miami Florida

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Yanick Martin says...

The picture is great the only reason I am sending this note to you, Iti s because, as a candidat, people are trying to find M. Baker information as far as phone number or office location, it's impossible to find it in the web, we even check out the website of "RESPE" no information.

If M Baker want people to support him he most at least or his team need to post his contact information in the web. I believe M. Baker had a good chance to become the next president of haiti, so far, in all candidates he's the only one who had the experience of working with the people and can rally or united the Haitian people, only he needs a good team that is behind him (no flatters).

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