Cite Soleil Kids With Real Guns

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Cite Soleil kids carrying high powered rifles

Photos archives for an article by Carl Frombrun

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Chris says...

These are NOT Haitian children, but kids from Liberia.

These are Pulitzer winning photos from the late combat photographer Chris Hondros.

Shame on you for copying these photos and misrepresenting them as

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Herline says...

mezanmi pouki yo fe sa se timoun yo ye se lekol yo ta dwe ye leta haitian pa pran dwa yo an

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James says...

Haiti gen ti mounn ke yo itilize se vre, men sa yo soti an afrik.

Sispann voye monte san

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Alesandro Tomic says...

if these kids wanna fight they should go to irak and see how to

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Alessandro says...

are the kids going to war, looks like

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Lerb says...

well well well what you are seing now is nothing but an imitation of the real life in Africa.Just go a head and watch the movie BLOOD DIAMOND and you will understand the whole concept behind the picture.

Everything that is happening now in Haiti is just an imitation and want to be recongnized people but yet have chosen the wrong way to bring the attention to the rest of the world.

Yes those guns are real and they are AK-47 rifles They are one of the most dangerous rifles cause they can shoot even with dirt and debris in the barrels.

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Albert says...

nixon, , look closley at those weapons they appear to be of russian manufacture possibly AK 47 ASSAULT RIFLE 7.62 X 52 R VIETNAM ERA yes they are real weapons as far as ammo goes do they have any?

do you want to find out?

I was in haiti back in the late nineties as a canadian soldier, I KNEW A NIXON, who was a bartender at a resort in st mark are you that

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Inconnu says...

mezanmi yon ti chans ...

nou pale peyi a mal trop nou konnen imaj sa yo pa soti an ayiti vre poukisa nap sal imaj peyi a konsa?

se se ayisyen nou ye nou mechan anpil e nou malonet

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Fabie says...

Real Sad, heartbroken looking at these pictures..I don't understand we have president, premier ministe, we have so many people in Haiti claiming they are helping us yet this problems still existe.All the Rich light skin men and women are leaving tax free, and happy yet the spirit of our children are dying before our eyes, yes Haiti pap chanje, unfortunatly we will remain the same. No-one wants us, no-one will never help us, and we will always see terrible pictures like this on the news, on the web, from our mind, and above and

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Darryl T Kps says...

I hope Haiti will be better so we just gotta wait to see nah mean haitianboy for

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