Food For The Poor Haiti Homes

Food For The Poor Haiti Homes

Here is a photo of a new housing development being built by Food For The Poor in Haiti.

For more information read this article:

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Bruce Christensen says...

You are correct that many homes have been successfully built using shovels to mix the concrete.

These structures join the many that fail when built using the same technology.

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Megan At Ffp says...

Food For The Poor homes are built by licensed contractors who follow building codes.

The homes withstood the earthquake extremely well. Only one of 70 homes built by the charity in Cite Soleil fell during the quake.

About 10 homes in the area of the epicenter, Leograne, suffered cracks when a post-quake tsunami flowed through them. All of the other homes are standing and are in good condition.

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Ryan Peralto says...

Hand mixed concrete has build thousands of 1-3 story homes over 50+ years, with very few structural failures.

Knowledge of mortar mixing, passed down through generations, ensures consistency of quality.

There are engineering verifications of this method of construction.

This information can be verified by any structural

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Tom Vail says...

I see that they are mixing the mortar or concrete on the ground with shovels.

Improperly mixed cement products are a huge problem in Haiti.

That is the same problem that caused so many buildings to fall in the earthquake.

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Bruce Christensen says...

This looks to be a good structure.

I am very concerned about the quality of the concrete or mortar when it is mixed on the ground.

We are concrete mixer designers who have been working on a solution for this issue.

For more

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Alan Scouten says...

Look closely at the corner detail.

The end wall is not interlocked with the side wall and will collapse independently in an earthquake.

These are future caskets, with tin

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