Haiti - Colonbye / Kolonbye

Haiti - Colonbye / Kolonbye

In Haiti, a 'kolonbye' is an elevated storage house, a Haitian version of a granary that Haitians on the countryside use to store their grains...

Haitians from the countryside of Haiti use what they call a beans 'colonbye' to store their crops (danre) like dried corn, millet, beans, peanuts, and everything else they harvest.

A kolonbye is also where they store the dried seeds to be planted on the next planting season.

Granaries are often built above the ground to keep the stored food away from mice and other animals.

Practice your Haitian Creole :: En province Haiti, peyisan itilize colonbye pou yo store danre (mayi, pitimi, pwa congo, pistach) ak tout lot sa ke yo recolte... Yo sere tou plan yo, ki vle di, grenn pou yo plante nan pwochenn sezon an...

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