Haiti Earthquake Pictures

Haiti Earthquake Pictures

Here is a picture of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.

An intense earthquake has left Haiti as a Paridise in ruins. The Haiti earthquake toppled buildings, including the National Palace of haiti, schools, churches, hospitals, thousands of Haitian people are dead and hundreds of thousands of Haitian people are homeless

If you want more information about the Haiti Earthquake go to

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Sydney says...

are you ok dont worry my school is trying to raise money for you to buid your house back and evrything is going to be back to normal so dont worry evry thing is going to be ok i promise and we cant break ower promise ok i want to here from you and make sure evrybody is ok so write me back ok evrything is going to be ok i

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Sushanna says...

Lord God I know that you are watching and that you care.Lord GOd u said you will the sick, mend the broken hearted, free the captured.

Mighty if it is your will I pray that you will brimg peace and joy to the Haitians once more.

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