Haiti Earthquake Pictures

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Here is a picture of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.

An intense earthquake has left Haiti as a Paridise in ruins. The Haiti earthquake toppled buildings, including the National Palace of haiti, schools, churches, hospitals, thousands of Haitian people are dead and hundreds of thousands of Haitian people are homeless

If you want more information about the Haiti Earthquake go to

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Caitlin says...

This is really sad to look at, I hope people help haiti out alot, even though its hard to becuase the united states is going through hard time also, but it whould help haiti out alot if you just give them love and suport to them, in how ever way you can, i f I chould I so whould!! I am sorry that this stuff had to happen to these

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Jaz says...

poor man! nothing happy goes on in this picture i feel soooooo sorry for

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