Haiti Earthquake Pictures

Haiti Earthquake Pictures

Here is a picture of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.

An intense earthquake has left Haiti as a Paridise in ruins. The Haiti earthquake toppled buildings, including the National Palace of haiti, schools, churches, hospitals, thousands of Haitian people are dead and hundreds of thousands of Haitian people are homeless

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Loveliz says...


I am pretty sure their not thinking bout their color at a time like this?

Bet you'll think twice when a natural disaster hits Canada and you see your loved ones hurt, scared, dead, towns, homes, land, destroyed.

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Poopbear says...

lol dont bring them blackies to

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Kain says...

If i were in Haiti i would build a building for everybody in Haiti to move to Cincinnati.

If you have a question contact me at kainlife at gmail.com and send me a message telling if its a good

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Devon says...

this picture really shows the damage.

i lost my best friend.

i just found out on the

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Rubens says...

what else can you think of this picture it says what it says devastation, of a special landmark that stood for so long and now it's gone, but my number one question is how many people were pulled out of the palace and who are they because i have friends who worked there at the time of the

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