Frantz Laventure

Frantz Laventure

BIO: Frantz Laventure ( )

Master Percussionist, Keyboardist, Songwriter. Frantz began his musical career at the early age of 13 years old jamming in the parks in brooklyn and Manhatan, at the age of 16 he joined the Band Skah-Shah and brought a new style of percussion to the haitian music which most percussionist are playing today, Frantz remained an active member of Skah-Shah untill he enlisted in the U.S Army, while in the service, he had the opportunity to travel to Europe there, he performed with several German Latin style bands, continuing his musical he received several certificates from the conservatory of music in Germany. After serving 20 years honorably, Frantz attended College where he received a degree in Criminal Justice, and a minor in music. his musical accomplishments of songs are a masterpeice of work with songs sucth as Lamayote Kompajazz. when asked which is his favorite band, Frantz replied I would love to be back in the Haitian music circle. I would also love to be playing some of my songs with some of the Skah-Shah band members before I die, to have musical legends like Cubano, Zouzoul, Tifrere,Coco,Ticrane, Arsene,Mario would be a dream come true, for I will always loved Skah-Shah. and always will. Always number # 1. Sil le faut .

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