Hillary Clinton And Michel Martelly In Haiti

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Here is a photo of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Haiti presidential candidate Michel Martelly In Haiti

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Brokenreef says...

Secretary Clinton is and will for a long time to come, the most powerful woman on this planet.

Mr. Martelly knows the playing field and I believe that he possesses enough personal conviction to set Haiti and Haitians onto a new highway into the future.

Mr Martelly, (or Mrs. Manigat), cannot do this purely by their own committment.

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Moussignac Cliford says...

HAITI has signed several contracts with other nations to develop its economy over the past 25 years, and every time the investors decide to come on board to start their projects, the UNITED STATES always creates a coup d'etats to prevent them from setting their feet in HAITI.

This will end this time because we, the new generation understand the need to stop it and will stop it Rooster.

We are the new blood of Haiti and we will stop this cancerous pain that is ruining our life. We will free Haiti and we are determined to die for Haiti.

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