Lac Azuei, Haiti

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Lake Azuei is a salt-water lake and the largest lake in Haiti. Also known as l'Etang Saumatre or Le Lac Azuei in Haiti, the lake's water is an intense shade of blue with an area covering roughly 105 square miles.
Lake Azuei is also a habitat for some rare birds and marine life. The lake supports over 100 species of waterfowl, flamingos and American crocodiles, one of the few lakes of its type in the world to harbor such fauna animal life .
Lake Azeui is located in the Hispaniolan rift valley you know it as the Cul-de-Sac Depression in Haiti and the Hoya de Enriquillo, between the Neyba and the Bahoruco Mountain Range , in the Dominican Republic.
Etang Saumatre or Lake Azuei is one of the lakes and lagoons that remain from an old marine channel that divided the island of Hispaniola Dominican Republic and Haiti into two paleoislands more than 5,000 years ago.
Amongst the chain of lakes and lagoons in the channel are: Lake Azuei in Haiti, Laguna/Lagoon de Oviedo, Lago/Lake Enriquillo which by the way is named after Cacique Enriquillo, you know him in Haitian history as Cacique Henry, the great Taino tribal chief [they didn't want to call him a king : ] from Bahoruco.
I took this picture of the lake on my way to Malpasse, Haiti. this where you have to go through customs before entering the Dominican Republic.
There is a lot you can learn just by reading on a simple lake in Haiti. You have a beautiful history, you should read up on it
Hoya del Lago Enriquillo between the Neyba and Bahoruco

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