Prosper Sylvain, Jr. a.k.a. Mak30 / Makendal

Prosper Sylvain, Jr. a.k.a. Mak30 / Makendal

Prosper Sylvain, Jr. (a.k.a. Mak30/Makendal) --

Prosper Sylvain's talent in poetic recitations and lecturing covers a wide range. He has had the opportunity to be inspired by Poet Laureate and SUNY Professor Leroy Jones (Amiri Baraka), and has had the opportunity to further his knowledge of English, African American and Haitian Literature, keeping a strong interest in the Negritude and Harlem Renaissance era. As a performer, Mak30 has shocked, inspired and incited his audiences and readers. Mak30 hopes to assist in raising the standard and bar of literature in the Haitian-American community while simultaneously teaching non-Haitians the truth, beauty, splendor and grit of his culture and history.

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Mama says...

Very nice. I was intrigue by his poems.

He is a very talented man, proving to many that Haitians are too people of knowledge.

Continue on my friend.

Haiti cherie nou pa bliye

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M Sylvain says...

Hey koz a friend introduced me to your poems..

I really enjoy them. thank you for represent Haiti.

by the way i am Sylvain also from Archaie.

thanks again My the God bless

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Francois Adrien says...

Prosper Sylvain, Jr a.k.a. Mak30/ Makendal is a talented young Haitian American poet who i admire a lot.He is Haitian not only because he was born in Haiti, but because Haiti was born in him .keep up the good

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Weber B. Dennis says...

That's my cuz right there!!! I'm proud of

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