Ralph Lauren Haiti Relief Shirts

Ralph Lauren Haiti Relief Shirts

Here is photo, Ralph Lauren Haiti Relief Shirts, the fashion world has Haiti on their mind and rocking some Haiti relief gear is becoming the new SEXY. This new trend has been set since the Mercedes benz fashion week for haiti 2010

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Woody says...

The t-shirts are available in all stores where Ralph Lauren t-shirts are sold or you can get it at www.RalphLauren.com

As far as meeting nice Haitian men, Here are two sites I recommend:

The Haiti Chat Room:

The Haitian Dating web

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Coolmasterlou says...

Please visit ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?c... to purchase the ralph Lauren Shirt, and if you would like to meet a nice Haitian Man you must create a profile on Facebook.com and ticherie.com im sure you'll find one....

good luck....

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Theresa says...

my friend is haitian and i would like to buy this for him I live in massachusetts, do you know where i can get this shirt for him?

Also, do you know if there is a haitian website for me to meet a nice haitian

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Woody says...

You can buy the Haiti t shirt at ralphlauren.com/search/index.jsp?k...
there are different colors to choose from.


they probably have them in stores where they sale Ralph Lauren and Polo

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Jean Bois says...

how do we get the

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