Toto Necessite

Toto Necessite

Toto Necessite @ the Haitian Entertainment Awards

Toto Necessite is a legend in the Haitian Music industry.

I went back stage at the Haitian Music awards to take pictures of all the haitian super stars.
I bumped into Alex Abelard of Zin and asked to take a picture with him.

You should take a picture with him, Alex said to me...

Who is he? I asked

You don't know who that is?

That's Toto Necessite, He is a legend in the Haitian Music industry.

The funiest thing was that I spoke to him that afternoon over the phone, I spent an hour listening to him on radio carnivale that same day, yet I walked right by Toto Necessite and had no clue who he was.



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Dana says...

i love this man he is a

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