President compas sure he can compete with sweet Micky. There...

Isaac Jacques - November 24 2009, 12:46 AM

President compas sure he can compete with sweet Micky.

There won't be no more of the macoutism, nor the titidecousm Rather the Gouyadecoutism.

Haiti will be so happy every day there will be carnivals on the street.

When will you Haitian people will learn their lesson?

For the last fifty years.

We have elected presidents without no experiences in politics nor in businesses.

Starting from jean-Cluade Duvalier ended up with Jean- Bertrad Aristide.

Let me remind you all the presindency is not a trainee position.

Not because someone is an artist he should be running for the office of the presidency.

It is clear that there is vaccium for the post.
We need a leader with a clear vision for Haiti so that Haiti can move forward.

A leader that has a past expeience with business and government affairs.

A goverment that can promote, s Haiti on the International levels.

Creating jobs domestically restoring our reputation etc., restoring our industries such Hasco, minoterie D'haiti Darbonne.

Such Governemt should be taking advantages and promoting our natural resoureces and mines we should as well be taking advantages of our comperative advantages by pomoting and expanding our agriculture abroad.

Yes we can
FuthermoreN we should give priority to our education.

By building schools and universities all across Haiti
Putting more resorts from the east west south and nord sides of Haiti.

Building roads to a certain standard like the highways in the state of california for our inlands transportation.

We need a visionary leader with a plan for Haiti.

Yes we can we have the labor we have the freedom all it needed a government that can take us to the 21st century.

We need peace we need education and developping our infratructure.

Therefore I oppsoed Mr Cliff because I don, t think he has the expertise to Govern nor the capability of placing our nation onto the right direction anyone who has a better ideas can contact my group.

OPERATION METE HAITI SOUS PIEDs for 2010-2011 contact us :

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