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PHOTO: Cite Soleil - Haiti Map

Look at this photo... Cite Soleil - Haiti Map

PHOTO: Map - Cabaret Haiti

Gade photo saa... Map Cabaret Haiti...

Haiti Currency - 5 Gourdes (Adoken)

Loo at this photo... Haiti Currency - 5 Gourdes (Adoken) -- Here is what Haitian money looks like. They call it...

PHOTO: Cheating Wife

Look at this photo... Cheating Wife

PHOTO: Haiti - Machann Fig

Gade photo saa... you machann fig an Haiti... You dam ak yon panye fig sou tet li...

Tropical Storm Danny - Haiti

Tropical Storm Danny was located about 1,445 miles east of the Windward Islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean as of 5...

gade berl yves mercier atis mwen


PHOTO: Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

Look at this photo... Former US President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton...

PHOTO: Money in Hand - Dollar Bills

Look at this photo... Money in Hand - Lots of Hundred Dollar Bills...

Haiti Levanjil - Praying - Lapriyè se kle

Gade photo saa... Haiti Levanjil - Yon moun ki ap priye... Lapriyè se kle