Dade, Barikad Crew

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Jhonny Emmanuel aka Dade, singer of  Barikad Crew, See pictures of Haitian hip hop / Rap creole group Barikad Crew

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Dadelissa says...

I used to have the biggest crush on

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Fresline says...

he look so

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Carrie Martin says...

hes very cool and is my favorite haitien hip hop

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Natacha P.pierre says...

You're still alive"Dade"Enjoy your journey and i will always love you....Bless your

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Lissa says...

i am sad to see dat a singer from one of our biggest and talentuous group from haiti lost his life in a car crash on the road....

luv youa nd wont stop
and i believe in the dream u guys wanteed to become reality
and after all happened it became true and that it's a wonderful dream
keep on being on

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Walterica says...

dada R.I.P. Wap toujour na

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Harry H2o says...

this photo is the best of

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Ismael Plantin says...

atis prefere'm pis bos

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Papouche says...

Dade brother pam ou se pi bon MC ki te genyen nan rap kreyol la wale men ou toujou rete sou ke mwen R.I.P

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Jeff says...

Be safe Dade that's da way it is, hope ur crew don't give

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