Haitian Beauty Pageant

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Miss Haiti Beauty Pageant

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Fabiola.m. says...

Rosie, you should have bring your butt to the beauty peagent.

it would have been call "Haitian ugly peagent., if you were a contestant but since u wasn't there, so it is called with proud the MISS HAITI BEAUTY PEAGENT.

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Fabiola.m. says...

You have no right to disrespect someone like that, specially online.

I agree she is not looking the best to be miss Haiti.

But its not always about the look that, she won maybe because she have the confident, the knownledge, the pride need it to win. Casie or whoever you are you should know better than that, you have no right to do such thing.

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Humbled says...

you guys are such haters, I 've never seen group of people so hateful.stop the

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Lil Mama Haitian says...

i kno she ain't all dat pretty give respect for dat.its juz her nose is miss up and her lips is a little to

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