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MANMZEL as mademoiselle in french meaning woman, is an new all female group that has been in development in New York since June 2003.

The group was founded by The Laraque sisters who wanted to introduce an a new female movement in the music industry to cross worldwide.

Nayalie & Rachelle are the daughters of the famous guitarist Michel Laraque and nieces of the legendary Toto Laraque from Caribbean Sextet.

They got together with some other talented musicians to form the band MANMZEL.

Nayalie is the maestro, band leader, guitar player, sings lead and background. Her sister, Rachelle sings background.

Dawn is a professional bass player from London, she also sings lead and background .

Dana is from Israel, she plays the keyboard, raps and sings lead and background. Linn is from Italy, she sings lead and background.

Last, Anselma from Saint Lucia, sings lead and background.

Most of their songs have a solid foundation of Kompa that have delve into other styles such as R & B, Zouk, Rock n Roll, Pop, Reggea and Salsa.

With this unique, original style and versatality, this band will appeal to different types of markets within the industry.

This is the first time since an all female band of such power with different cultures has surfaced on the music scene. MANMZEL is the difference, with no apparent competition, they are ready to take the market by storm and there are some concrete reasons for this statement:

First of all, these girls are supertalented musicians, meaning they actually play instruments, they are all incredibly beautiful, personable, and superdedicated to their craft. So, combining all of the above, it's absolutely a no brainer that MANMZEL has a bright future. Their level of commitment, motivation, and dedication is incredible.

Their first album ON THE BEAT was released on December 21, 2004.

MANMZEL is not only a band but a female movement which will inspire other women to follow their aspiration in this male dominated industry.

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it; boldness has power and magic in it

Never underestimate the power of a woman.

If you need any additional info, feel free to contact (646) 373-2646 or call our hotline at (516) 424-9253.


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Naphtalie says...

I use to listen to them because my dad brought the CD for my mom, but IDK where that CD went. I want to know if there's any way you have their social media such as Twitter, Instagram.

So I can follow them on

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