Pictures of Haiti

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Haiti Pictures taken in July 2003

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Stephanie Similus says...

hi this is stephanie again and yes there is still people who love haiti and one of these people is me, funy how people are so quick to say I am 100% haitian and proud but they cant clean it up the truth is poeple at the end of the day Haiti is the country from which HAITIANS come

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Oowie87 says...

does haiti look any better than that?!?

how can people live in a place like that?


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Oowie87 says...

who wants to go on a vacation to a place that looks like that?!! no offence! that looks horrible.

bet its better than it

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Stephanie Similus says...

The Project:

Have you ever been in a fair, such as a job fair, or a school fair. do you see how they (the consumer) uses pamplets to sort out their information or better yet have you ever been in a charity affair, such as Relay for life, or domestic voilens, what they do in those affair is that they try to find a way to tell people what kind of cancers (relay for life) there are out there and how they can try to prevent it, they try to give other people there understanding on the fact that there are still some people out there, that has cancer and they don't have the way of getting the proper medication.

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Chal says...

Looking at any US county, they always look nice.But you know, in bklyn, queen
even in manhattan, there'are places thatlook ugly, nasty.

smelling like lassaline.But they never show them.Wy!me, wy you helping the destruction of our county, we have, kenskof,jacmel, petion ville some, nice houses in p-au-p....

question:if they ask you to some pictures of your house where would start,(rigol ki deye cuisine, ou bien devan kote ou guin ti fle, ou bien amba you belpie zanmann.

s'il vous plait

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Rennada says...

I Feel really bad for these

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