The Maroons - Berwick Underscore Augustin

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Berwick 'Underscore' Augustin is a Haitian American Playwright and Poet

In 1968, Mr. Albert Mangones built the statue of the Neg Mawon, or runaway slave.

Mr. Mangones, who passed away in 2002, was one of the original members of the group of Haitian artists and intellectuals who wanted to found a center for the visual and cultural arts.

That center is alive today in the hearts of the spoken word and poetry group ensemble known as The Maroons.

South Florida is home to the group known as The Maroons: Makendal (pronounced Mahk-Uhn-Dal), Deep In Thought, Underscore, Roland, and Deadly Venum, formed a group based on the ideology behind the concept of the original Maroons of Haiti. In the times of the insurrection and revolution in Haiti, Maroons, defined as slaves who fled the plantations and lived in the mountains, would descend from their hidden fortresses in the mountains and attack the slave system and its army in hopes of freedom and liberty. in 1804, that hope was realized as Haiti became the first black republic and freer of slaves.

Their goal is to come down from the mountains of corporate America, day to day struggles and misconceptions to free the yet still enslaved minds of society and to give a voice to the voiceless people who are experiencing so many things today through poetry, theater and art. These modern day Maroons pledge their allegiance to uphold the pride of their people, uplifting the culture of their country and destroying the misconceptions of Haitians and Haitian history.

The Maroons have a combined total experience of approximately 15 years performing, writing, and reciting poetry. With musical interludes, drums and poetry, their performances in English, French and Kreyol.

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