Wyclef at Nobel Prize Ceremony in Norway

Wyclef at Nobel Prize Ceremony in Norway

Here is a photo of Wyclef Jean at Nobel Prize Ceremony in Norway right before the Obama Speech

Wyclef Jean was one of the invited guests at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2009 along with Westlife, Natasha Bedingfield, Donna Summer, Toby Keith, Lang Lang, Alexander Rybak, Luis Fonsi

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2009, co-hosted by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, was held on Friday December 11th in Oslo Spektrum

Photo: Wyclef profile on Twitter

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Pierre Louis Guy says...

Hello My Man How are You My man
Im Happy To see You, and you seem With President and thing you will be a President in your life and I want you help president Michel Martelly and haiti Thank You. here My Phone nombers (509)3943 10 63 509 3113 03

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Stephanie J. Aguy says...

You have a lot of nerve to ask someone what will they do for their country...WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR YOUR DAUGHTER?

TRY PAYING SOME CHILD SUPPORT YOU SCUM BAG...God will get you for all your evil ways...trust me it is just a matter of time...when you do not do right by your children, you will pay the price..never mind what Wyclef will do, it can NEVER compare...Be a man and pay up Acaze

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Ashley says...

that is why I stop sending my hard working american dollars in haiti because as haitian we forget who feed us and who take care of us. Make conplexity.

aristocracy feed you. Wyclef did go to high school.

In the other hand who was making millions and want to sit on a bench listen to teacher talking shit only those that want to try to make it in

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Sapagade W says...

I totally agree with you, MJ. Wyclef, to me, is the living proof of the harmful effects of the American ghettos.

This guy does not speak English eiter and what is sad, is that English is his "first" languange which leads me to believe that he is 100% illiterate.

I feel embarassed to see such a mediocre person envisioning that he can be the president of such a needy and troubled country! Wyclef should stick to what he knows: Rap music for the american low profile, ignorants in america.

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Fritz Jean-philippe says...

The members of the diaspora need to stop crying about their rejected candidacy for the presidency.

They have been rightfully disqualified for the lack of 5 years residency in Haiti.

If they continue with their deception, the government should publish a copy of their airport entry forms which clearly list the United States as their country of residency, and arrest them for fraud.

Who doesn't miss the good old days of

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Les says...

What do you propose now that you have made your

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Acaze Aguy says...

I have read and heard many of your interviews and messages I feel that you spend so much time defending yourself that you can not concentrate on the matter on hand which is Haiti.

I also have not heard about your agenda for Haiti.

What will you do for Haiti?

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Luna says...

Mwen ta rinmin Ayiti pran yon chans ak Wyclef paske mwen we li gin passion pou Ayiti si se pa kouran lap swiv mwen we nan li yon vwe president li pa bezwen okipe moun kap di li pa pale francais gade Dessaline, Roi Henry christoph neg sa you te gin passion ak anbision pou peyi a, sa fe lontan nap tantade bel diskou sa pa fe anyin pou peyi a nou bezwen moun ki ka kreye travay ki ka chita ak boujowa tankou malere ki gin anbition pou agriculti ak education lasante.

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Mj says...

No way. There should be a campaign against him for President.

He can barely speak Kreyòl, can't speak French, has his organization investigated for embezzlement, owes back taxes, has NO experience in government (aside from brushes with the US law), and hasn't resided continuously in Haiti for 5 years (as the Constitution requires).


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Please Be Serious says...

he"s an opportunitst with absolutely no experience running an enterprise or country.

why elect him?

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