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Stephanie Similus - January 25 2006, 3:28 PM

The Project:

Have you ever been in a fair, such as a job fair, or a school fair. do you see how they (the consumer) uses pamplets to sort out their information or better yet have you ever been in a charity affair, such as Relay for life, or domestic voilens, what they do in those affair is that they try to find a way to tell people what kind of cancers (relay for life) there are out there and how they can try to prevent it, they try to give other people there understanding on the fact that there are still some people out there, that has cancer and they don't have the way of getting the proper medication.

So can be inform and try to change there life style so they don't get cancer and also to get the volunteerer to donate money, clothes, and many other needs for the organization and to sponsor them. The project is the same way only it's about our beloved haiti and the teens in it.

On a recent survey it's was said that the contries population is 80% teens from the age of 15 through 25. theses are teens who has a said in the future.

on a nightly show by feed the chlildren Mr jones who is the founder of "feed the children' said that "Haiti's population has 80% of it's inhabitants in poverty with a capital P. When i speak to some of my friends raised in Paurt-au-Prince they don't have the idea that Haiti was that bad, when it comes to being poor. Last Night me and one of my Friends Sachania Francois was watching feed the children, she started crying because being raised in Petionville she did not know that Haiti had kids who were dieying because they had nothing to eat or that kids were getting sick through the water from the local river, or that the HIV & AIDS population was effecting the teens more it does the elders.

That show's us that there are alot of teens out there who don't have anyone to show them how haiti is. no one actualy take the time to explain to them that not everyone has food to waste or stuff like that. Also show's us that yes our kids go to school in Haiti and yes they have a good education but not one about what is going on around them, in there enviroments.

What I want to do is form and organization, where we don't only sit there and say well haiti will find a way but we help them to see where they are at. the best age to target is the one that is most popular in the country.

Many of you know more cities in haiti that are in poverty then I do, tell me them I will then sent my peoples in Haiti to take picture's of those place and sent them to me. Then we will design pamplet telling the Americanised Haitians and other race's about the help need in Haiti.

We will try our best to contact local radio or television station to show them what is going on and how there aid would help. Then after we get there attention here in America, it's time to bring it back home.

We will plan on Meeting in Haiti the gaol is for the summer by then everyone who wants to participate will learn how to trust and participate upon each other.

We will learn to compromise with each other, so we can go and have a very wonderfull yet amazing affect on our nation.

By the time we go to haiti we will have places for our speaches and fair to take place in the capital, and other big cities, places like, in a local Church, school, Field, park, and many more. When we go and visite the cities outside of Port-au-price it will try to go home to home or have it in a known area by alot of the people who lives there.

Our goal is to visite Port-au-prince, Cap-Haitiand, Gonaive, Liancourt, Verrets, Jeremie, ansrouge, tigrave, cayes, and many more.

The Idea in Haiti will be based on how we want haiti to be in the future.

with starts and dj's and food and music it will be like a trip. we will have plays and many more, then we will inclosure by this is what haiti should be like instead of the killing and the stealing and many more. we can try to get the president to speak but only to the subject of how haiti will be. and what we can do now to try to change it. Like Planting trees for example, Haiti is known for the tropical Island in the caribbean and yet all of haiti's tree is being burned to make goal and so the country is bear. Big Brother Big sister is an organization in America where kids of fortunate become friend sand help those who are not. well I was in one, and so we can have that. we can have many ways to help our teen to become to the understanding that they are the future of haiti and this is how haiti looks now in the eyes of the America's and other country's.

IN conclusion we start small like help the teen to understands but with a goal in our mind that will help all type of haitian from the older genaration to the upcoming genaration.

Maybe we will be able to help with roads, and business, education centers such as schools for the young, and for the old. for all my Doctors out there maybe even universties of the teaching from the knowledge we take from the US that's the goal and the project.

all I need is your support, you advice, and most of all you understanding.

If you can help anyway possible please let me know and let get to know each other, we have the education from here why don't we share it with those who don't have it back home.

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