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PHOTO: Haiti - Maryse Narcisse ap enskri Fanmi LAVALAS pou patisipe nan Election

Gade photo saa... Haiti - Maryse Narcisse ap enskri Fanmi LAVALAS pou patisipe nan Election 2015 yo..

PHOTO: Clarens Renois

Gade photo saa... Clarens Renois - Journaliste Haitien, Politicien

PHOTO: Haiti - Nonie Mathieu

Gade photo saa... Nonie Mathieu President de la Cour supérieure des comptes et du contentieux administratif...

Haiti Parti Politik PHTK - Vive Martelly

Gade photo saa... Yon mesye abiye an rose a blan, li kenbe yon pannkat ki di "PHTK - VIVE MARTELLY"... Se pa ti...

PHOTO: Haiti and Dominican Republic Meeting in Jimani 13 mar 2015

Look at this photo... meeting between Haitian and Dominican authorities Jimaní to find solutions to problems, 13...

PHOTO: Haiti - Monseigneur Pierre-Andre PIERRE

Look at this photo... Haiti - Monseigneur Pierre-Andre PIERRE, Rector of the University Notre Dame d'Haiti (UNDH),

Haiti Map - Thomassique Haiti

Gade photo saa... Haiti Map - Thomassique Haiti

PHOTO: Elisabeth Beton - Ambassador of France to Haiti

Look at this photo... France appointed Elisabeth Beton Delègue Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of...

PHOTO: Military Attack Aircraft - EMB 314 / A-29 Super Tucano

Look at this photo... The EMB 314 / A-29 Super Tucano Military attack aircraft and counter insurgency... These planes...

Capital Coach Line Bus Burned in Petit Goave

Look at this photo... A Capital Coach Line Bus burned to the ground by Haitian individuals in Petit Goave...